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April 12th, 2005

This article countains more info about Kenya.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.


Another country that I was planning to race thru but where I stayed a lot longer than I tought. The main reason is that my father came to see me there and then I had to wait few days for my flight to Madagascar. My expectations were right about this onem very touristy and aim toward tourism, I know that I sticked to to touristy route but still. It’s a beautifull country and I enjoyed it a lot beside Nairobi.
When you dare go off the tourist path (beaten track as LP put it) you discover a all new and a lot interesting Kenya. MY first love was Maralal where you can see a lot of Samburu and Turkana. I was invited in a Samburu village on the Archer’s Post / Moyale route, it was really interesting to there for a few days.


– Maralal

– Samburu’s village

– Masaai Mara

– Talking with the locals

– Lamu

Down Sides:

– Too many tourists

– Nairobi that look like a Western city

– Touts in Nairobi

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