We spent 4 days in Xiamen witch is now my favorite Chinese city, Ok, I have only been to four so far but still. The only bad thing was the weather. We had grey sky and rain for 2 days.

Our German FriendsOn our 2nd day we move to the small island of Gulang Yu and met 2 germans guy. One was a bit young (and very tall) the other one was our age and we loved him instantly. Even if he was german he was talking with a funny Brithish accent and using words like “Fantastic” and “Amazing” all the time. We went with them eat a feast of cheap Chinese food and then head for a club that was recommended to us by two girls who worked at the restaurant.

When we arrived there it was empty, well appart from the 20 waiters. We had 6 persons around our table to take our other, even the manager from Cameroun was there! He sat down with us and other some snacks and we gave a beer or two. The highlight of that night is probably when I saw 2 twins! I was over excited and I manage to take a picture with them. I DID IT Then we notice that like 90% of the girls in the club they were hired dancers. So they went on the little stage and did they’re little move to entertain the crowd and went back on they’re table to finish there drink. The last ferry to return to our hotel was at 12:30 so we ended the evening there.