That’s a post I made on the Lonely Planet website after I left Nairobi. It one one the most dangerous city in Africa, now you’re warned!

Be VERY carefull in Nairobi.

The problem is that even if you spend up to 14 days there you might NOT get robed or mugged! That was a very disapointing fact for me, so I tought I should share this with you guys.

Even walking alone around 9:00pm downtown Nairobi I haven’t been attacked. Ok, I have to admit that 2 person try to scamed me, but that was in broad day light : I’m the guy from your hotel, please help me blablabla. Yeah, witch hotel? Euh… bye! And they vanished!

That is obviously a sarcastic message, just to tell you that Nairobi is not as dangerous as you might hear. You have to be carefull and don’t go wander around poor suburb at night. Just take normal precaution you would take in any major city and you should be fine. Don’t belive everyone that claim to be on your hotel or want to “talk to you 5 minutes about your country” and you should be fine.