Well I have to admit that it’s a lot of shame that I have to admit that I went eat a full meal (and I even supersized it!). I mostly don’t go to McDonald’s because of there policy and the way they treat people, not because I don’t enjoy their food. Let me tell you all it all happend.

1st McDo in 5 yearsAs you know I’m now travelling with my friend JF and in Hangzhou we watch the movie “Supersize Me”. JF was reading the book “Fast Food Nation” and keep saying that it would be good to eat McDo. I was very against the idea, and couldn’t understand how seeing that movie could make someone eat that food, on the contrary, it made me even more anti-McDo. We later met a German guy (Ian) who was a big fan of McDonald’s and who was praising, along with JF, how good a Big Mac is. I then told them I never had a Big Mac in my life, and that I haven’t eat at McDo for 5 years (well except for ice cream :) ). They then vow to make me eat one before the end of the trip. So JF was praising McDonald’s food every time we pass in front of one, and there’s a LOT of them here in China. A few time I was even saying : I feel like a good cheeseburger!

Well, when we got in Nanning for our 4 hours stop before going to Kunming we stop in a restaurant where the food was not very good. JF was still harmering the McDonald’s idea into my head and claiming he would go there, have a dump (it’s the cleanest toilet in China) and buy 1 or 2 cheeseburgers and come back to me. Has I had to use the toilet as well… I somehow finally bought food. And while I was at it I supersized it! When I finished it I even wanted to buy another little cheeseburger for the road. Well, I still never had a Big Mac but the Quarter Pounder was very nice in my mouth and tasted, appart from the cucumber, exactly the same as in my memories. There’s no doubt that it makes a change from the chinese food.

JF was so excited that he took about 30 picutres. To prevent him for doing so I put his camera in my bag and put his memory card on lock. But I guess he felt the trap because he tried it before I arrived with the meal. It was very funny. I hope it won’t be like when you stop smoking and once you have one you can’t stop!