Well, we’re (JF & Me) are now and Kunming where I had plan to meet 3 friends I’ve met in Mongolia. Even thaught none of us are actually travelling togeter we were all in the same area at the same time. So I shorten my stay in Guilin & Yangshuo to come meet them here in Kunming.

After some morning chit-chat we went out to get some cheese, bread and wine, hey, we’re all french after all! :) JF said : “Wow, backpacker life is quite hard!” After our feast we went for some bowling and beer. Most of us got kind of tipsy and the bowl were going in all direction! Scores were low, fun was high! It’s so nice to be with people you’ve met before, you don’t have to ask all the “boring” and very repetive questions : Where you from? How long have you been travelling? Where you’ve been? Where are you going?

JF had a rough night, he didn’t even had a beer and spent the night awake because of a stomac problem. He finally manage to puke in the morning and slept a bit. He spent the whole day in bed while I went walking around and played some Counter Strike with my French friend and spent some time on the internet working on my website. The morning was a good replica of what we did in Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia), watch movies. Oh, there’s a new one starting, better go! :)