Well.. another interesting bus story. Not the worste I ever had but probably the worste in China. The most interesting thing is that it was Valentin’s day. Instead of spending the day with a nice an sweet girl I spent 12 hours between 2 smelly chinese man!

It was supposed to be a 9 hours ride in a sleeper bus. Departure at 10:30 from Jinghong to Kunming I get in the bus and I had the 2nd worste place in the whole bus. There’s 5 beds stick togeter in the back of the bus and I had the one in the middle. It’s also too short for me so my feets & toes were in pain. One of the guy was travelling with his son so we were 6 in a 5 persons space and as stated above, they were smelly. I manage to ask one man to change place with me because it was too short. The bed I got had no hand to my feets were floating in the air and sometimes in the face of the 2 guys in front of me. When the bus brakes my whole body was push forward so I had to constently get back in my position. Impossible to read because the road was too bumpy. It took 12 hours instead of 9 and when I got to Kunming the bus I needed to take to get to my hostel had stop since an hour. Gotta love travelling! I had the phone number of the place so I gave it to the taxi driver and 2$ later I was in the hostel. (I didn’t talk about the 15 mins of swearing I did before I found the phone number)

So I guess it was not my best valentin’s day!