Well since a few day I look like a lobster! Not because I grew pinces but because I was stupid enough to sleep on the deck of a boat without sun’s cream. That all append when I went diving after over a year out of the water.

I went for 2 dives in Nha Trang, Vietnam and I was quite shocked by the lack of professionalism. They didn’t bring a spare bottle of air, didn’t do proper briefing, didn’t seems to have a real dive plan. Honestly I tough in Egypt we wear a bit slacker but here it’s just unbelievable. My dive instructor would probably have a heart attack! :) One Australian even deceided not to return in the water for his 2nd dive because he didn’t feel safe!

After my 2 dives I deceided to took some sun. It was nice to just stay their and I didn’t think I would stay long enough to get burn. When I got home, oh my god! I was SOO red! I went out that night and drank until 4am and had to take a bus at 7:00. The good thing is that I slept for the 8 hours ride. When we got in Dalat I was still tired and a bit destroyed. I went to bed pretty early. The following day we went on motor bike and the sky was cloudless. Around noon I felt feeling sick. I had fever since then. I spent the whole day in bed watching tv and reading. I only came out of the room to have food and read my emails. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow as another long bus ride (8 to 10 hours) awaits me.