Today I picked up my Sudanese visa in Addis. I know lots of people have failed to get here so I tought I should post the steps I went through to get it. Apparently they restart to issue it, so if you’re heading north it might be a good idea to come to Addis while they issue it.

It was a hard an quite long process. I tried the first time in Kampala, than waited a mounth in Nairobi without success. I than try here in Addis but got kicked out off the embassy because they didn’t have any stickers left!? I went back a mounth after (last monday) and they requested the Egyptian visa before even looking at me, so I got the Egyptian visa. (You need to pay in Birr and you need a bank/forex receipt) I went back yesterday and after over 2 hours they finaly took my passeport and looked sad that I had everything and they couldn’t kick me out again. After another half an hour they gave me the form. They pick it up after 30 min. Ask me to pay the fee and come pick it up today in the afternoon. They told me it would be a 30 days visa, but it’s only a 7 days transit visa. Apparently I can extend it in Karthoum. We’ll see anyway after all the troubles I went through a 7 days visa is very welcomming!

Hope it helps/gives hopes to all of you tring to get the visa.

P.S. I also heard if you DHL you passport in Dar Es Salam you can have it there. Contact the embassy first.