In Nairbi I seen for the first time “Instant Justice”. I’ve heard of it a lot but seeing it live is quite a shock! For those who don’t know it’s when someone steal another person and get caught by the crowd before the police get there. The croud beat the hell out of the thief. Here is a extrait of the e-mail I sent to some firends about that (full mail here :

I was eating in the Pizza Inn in front of the Hilton (a bit of Western food before the long journey to Egypt). I saw lot’s of ppl standing up and looking down the window. I did the same, there was at least 40 persons around a guy who was laying on the ground and 5 of them were kicking, punching and stabbing him! You want to do something but I guessed that it wouldn’t be a good idea to go in between! When I went out, the guy was still laying there with a big crowd around him but the beating had stop. I asked the watchman of the food court what happend. The street kid (around 20years) ask the driver of a car for money. As the driver didn’t want to give him any he starts bashing on the car whit a big rock. The driver went out and… we know the rest. But he had : This kind of guy (street kids) are dangerous, they can even attack you with a knife. I could feel that he was totaly agreeing with the beating.
When I told that story to another Kenyan on the street in answer me “He probably stole something” without any surprise or compation for the poor guy.
Yesterday on the news, same thing. I woman that time got beaten and burned by a crowd! As the news was in Swahili I didn’t understand why she was beaten.