Today JF & me went wondering around in Shenzhen and got our self in a little techie’s paradise! We could have created anything we ever dreamed of if we only had the knowledge!

Make you own IBM laptop Shenzen as to be any techie’s dreams. All the spare part to create your own laptop, USB Key, Ipod or any other device you might fancy. We visited the Wall-Mart of computer parts, and each floor as different level of completness. First floor you had the resistance, the memory chip, the equipement to program the chips, etc. Second floor you could buy the covers, mother boards. It goes like this until on the last floor you had the fakes laptops, ipods and memory sticks. We saw the guys building a IBM laptop and editing the chips so it recognize the nomane parts as IBM parts.

Build your own ipod
After seeing all those things of course one thinks about making it’s own parts or trying to sell these things over the internet or directly home. The only little problem is the copyright law that are, well, very violated! It was also funny to see USB Key that were recognize as 32 gigs. Who’s stupid enough to buy these for less than 3$? Obviously a lot of people! \(\)!!! :)