This article countains more info about Madagascar.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Description :
Most probably my favorite country in the world so far! The only down side is that it’s so big and slow to get around that even 6 weeks is far from enough to see it all. I’ll definitly come back here! The scenaries are amazing, the people are beautifull and very interesting with a lot of culture and traditional beliefs.

Highlights :

  • Lemur watching in Ranomafana National Park

  • Trekking in Isalo National Park and see the Makis lemur

  • Lazying around on Island Ste-Marie

  • Petting one of the domesticated lemur and hear it purr

Down Sides :

  • Slow plublic transport (about 50km/h average)

  • Lot’s of beggar

  • Villages spoiled by tourism (Anakao is a good example)