When I was in Cambodia I went diving with a company called EcoDive. In my opinion they were not Eco at all. First they trow the anchor on the coral before every dive. The coral was obviously in a bad shape and at the speed they’re going there won’t be much to see in a few years.

The divemaster (DM) was also strange. He was touching everything in the water. Poking the anemone, trying to catch a puffer fish, flipping sea star (that apparently eats too much coral and don’t have any predator). The toilet also flush directly in the sea so when you go for a #2 and there’s someone in the water he have a commanding view of your discharge. My DM took a dump and a dive instructor was down there with his students. Why was he under the toilet is still a mystery but anyway. When he came out of the water he give a lot of shit (ahaha) to the DM. That made everyone feel uneasy on the boat as they were shouting at each other.

During the night dive I got stung a few times by see urchins (that the DM also loved to lift and carry around) and couldn’t see much. The visibility in the day dive was about 7m and the DM was going pretty fast, I lost him more than once when I was looking at stuff. I even had to surface once.

To top it all my flipflop got stolen!
What a great trip!