Hi everrry body!

When I was talking with people about going to Mongolia many told me the only thing I would have to eat there is dry yak meat and yak milk.
In 40 days I didn't eat any dried yak. But I had so much mutton!
Unbeleivable!! It was a small price to pay for all the beauty the country as too offer.

So after a lot of patying in China I left for Mongolia and got to the hostel (UB Guesthouse) who was loaded with Peace Corp volunteer, hooray (not). So for the first 2 days I didn't speak to anyone, or more acuratly, no body talked to me. I was thinking about changing hostel but then they all left at the same time and the hostel I was planning to move to also got empty. All got a lot more interesting and I went to a ranch in the north with a cool Swedish guy. We did a lot of horse riding and hiking in the steppes.

After that I spent a few days hanging in Ulaan Baatar (the capital) trying to organise a trip to the extrem west of the country (near Khazakstan) but couldn't find anybody. I then meet a bunch of cool and crazy ppl who were going to the White Lake and I decided to join them. It was amazing! The morning after we got there it was covered in snow. The Autralian guy was crazy about it. We went horse riding in the fresh snow. We had pretty rock & roll night with the Mongolian vodka and a few crazy songs. In the car the driver had this 80 goldies tapes with songs like : "You're in the army now" "Boom boom boom I want you in my room" "Voyage Voyage" and other hits as great as those. So we couldn't resist singing. Just hillarious.

I then spent a very long time in UB partying a lot and watching shit loads of DVD. It was getting cold and I had seen pretty much all that interested me in the city. I was basicly waiting for some ppl to go to the Gobi desert. Finaly some people came and we went. It was not as nice as the first trip as we (I?) didn't get along so well with everybody in the trip. We even had (after a lot of vodka of course) a fight. At first it was fun and game but it turned out quite nasty at some point. I'll skip the details but their was blood when we finished! The trip was 9 days and that happend on the 3rd night. The atmosphere was a bit tense (as you might imagine) after that. We still talk to each other but it was not the same.

I'm now in Russia (Siberia) and I love it, the only bad thing is that my visa is only 21 days and it ends on the 4th of December. I'm now getting ready for a 50+ hours train ride to Vladivostok from where I'll take a ferry to South Korea on the 2nd of December.

I manage to keep it quite short :)
I invite you to look at my pictures : http://www.flickr.com/photos/scoubi/sets/ there's some very good shots of Mongolia.

--- Pense du mois : Fait beau mais fait frette!