While in Thailand why not enjoying the national sport? So I did went to see am evening of Muay Thai! That was quite a night with 8 fights scheduled and one of them was by kids. They were probably 12 years old. Both very eager to win. Two of the fight actually finished by a knock-out, including the last fight witch made a grand final!
Pictures & videos to be uploaded soon.

Now I’m Bangkok and waiting for my flight to Myanmar. As I don’t really like big touristy place I feel a bit not at my place here but I have a nice diarrhea to take me company. It started in the boat from Luang Prabang (Laos) and the border of Thailand. I did took some anti-biotic in the last days but it seems like the beers I drank yesterday was not the smartest idea.
I’m planning to see Mr Dr today as I’m not sure hospital/docs in Myanmar are very good. I’m sure it’s nothing serious but I need to be in shape for the next/last legs of the trip.

I might go to see some of the sites today, but then, maybe not… Not very motivated and prefer to stay in a walking distance of a toilet :) I also learned that I can’t make a week stop in Tokyo even if I fly in the city because I have a crappy air ticket. So I’m pretty pissed-off and need to find some new things to do for the last weeks. Still plan to visit my friend in Vientiane but I might go diving in south of Thailand first.