Many people are asking how dangerous is the road between the countries as they were bandits, ppl had to travel in armed convoy and they’re was a slauthering in Turbi near Moyale a few weeks ago.
The info on this post are current as to today’s date and might change quickly.

The killing where in Turbi witch is a lot closer to Moyale than Marsabit.

Trip (bus) from Isiolo to Marsabit = 500ksh but I would advise to go all the way to archer’s post and try to find a ride from there. The city looks a lot more interesting than Isiolo, if you have camping gear there is at least 2 camp site near the Samburu National Park

Marsabit Moyale on a top of a lori = 400ksh or 500ksh in the cabin. If you’re on top it’s great but put some sun cream or long sleeves.

In Marsabit you can stay in Jimmannami (or something like that) with is 150ksh for a single. It’s quite close to the Jay-Jay Center a bit behind it on the left. Easy to spot they’re building a 2nd floor to it.

Get your Ethiopian visa in Nairobi (20$ 3 mounths single entry) because they don’t issue it at the border.

In Moyale cross to the Ethiopian border, there is planty of 10 Birr (1 euro) double room that are ok. I stayed at Abrahim (or something that looks like that) on the main road left as you walk up the hill, just past the bus station.

Exchange rate was 8.6 Ksh for 1 Birr. You need to be patient to get a good price, they offered 10ksh for a Birr at begining!

Last piece of advise, once in Ethiopia you should stop in Awassa and go to Adenium Camp, it’s a bit out of town (In front of SOS School) the food is wonderfull and the owners are super friendly. GPS (N:07 04,555’ E:38 29,037’

Be prepared for a lot of YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!

Have fun, travel safe!