This article countains more info about Ethiopia.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Description :

After 6 weeks there I wished only one thing:

GET OUT! The country is amazing, the scenaries, the culture, the history, etc. The only problem is the people, they are VERY annoying, there’s no other word. Near the Kenyan border and in Axum it was not a problem but ub the “Northern Historical Route” it was quite irritating. Of course you always meet a few person that are genuanly friendly but it’s not enough to compensate the You You You You, Money Money, Give me, One Birr, Very very hungry, This is a rock give me, etc. After some story from friends who were stuck in the Omo Valley for a long time because it was impossible to get a fair price for the bus I deceided to avoid that place.

Highlights :

  • Lalibella’s Church

  • Axum

  • The scenary all over the country

  • Awassa (Adenium Camp)

  • Simiens Mountain trek

Down Sides :

  • The very annoying people

  • Being sick 3 times (one wit scabbies!!)

  • The guys working at the Sudannese Embassy in Addis

  • Unable to walk 5 minutes without being fallowed

  • The very annoying people