When I think about what borders me the most in China the competitions between the different things is hard.

It is not the bad smell that attack your nose multiple times a day. It’s not the fact that it’s very hard to get food in some area because I don’t speak Chinese and they don’t have english menu or if they do they don’t have what I ask but instead of telling just wait until I try to ask them where my food is and THEN tell me they don’t have it. I got use to the stinky paperless squat toilet, the uncomfortable bus rides, the people starring at me and the rock hard beds. Nor the fact that there’s always noise in China, they start the jackhammer at 7:00am and sing karaoke until 3:00am.

I got use to these things and they don’t really bother me, the only thing that gets on my nerve is that Chinese smoke a LOT and everywhere. In the train, the bus, the restaurant, the internet cafe.

Ok, I admit, the other things annoy me as well but not as much as the cigarette! I’m so happy about the law in Montreal that prohibit smoking in doors.