Yes, this story is literally about shit. So if you’re eating, or a soft heart, don’t read it.

It all started in my 3 days trek in the jungle and rain forest near the Myanmar and Laos border on the Chinese side. Of course in 3 days you need to go to the toilet, but there’s no toilet.

She's eating my shit!So here I am asking where’s the best spot to do my business and one of the guy tell me that the pig likes to eat human shit and there own. I’m like: yeah right, whatever… Another guy said it was true. Anyway, I walk and find this little 2 place cabin and see a few pigs under it. I say: Hello and got a reply. As there’s no door I went deeper in the jungle and find myself a nice squatting spot. After a few seconds there’s noise in the jungle in front of me. I start talking because I was sure it was some kids but then I saw the face of a giant Vietnamese pig appear. I try to wack a piece of wood on the ground to make it go away but impossible. I don’t know if you ever tried to crap when you’re under observation but it’s very hard even if it’s only a pig. So I finish what I can and stand-up. As soon as I moved away from the crime scene the pig ran and eat it! I could not believe it! So I took a picture!

So you can believe me, it’s true that pigs do eat human shit! It makes you wonder why the pork we had the previous night was so good. And as the pig who ate mine was a female with about 5 babies you can imagine how young they start feeding on crap!

Who wants bacon? :)