This article countains more info about Namibia.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Description :
I only travelled along the Garden Route and Cape Town so I’ve seen only a very small part of that huge country. For me S.A. is more like a Western country than an African one. You’ll find everything there, including McDonald’s, for about the same price than in Canada. I was a bit disapointed and surprised that locals never talks to you. The only black people that talked to me were from surrounding countries like Zaire or Mozambique. In my opinion that shows how deep the stigmates from the Apparteid are even 10 years after.

Highlighs :

  • Wilderness Backpacker right on the beach

  • Simon’s Town’s pingouins

  • White Sharks diving in Hermanus (moraly discutable as there’s more sharks
    attack now)

  • Wine Tasting (a bit of luxury!)

  • Impressive views on the road (garden route)

Down Sides :

  • You can’t walk alone after dark

  • High prices

  • Poor public transport (Have to rent a car or take the Bazbus that kill the meaning of backpacking.)