I just came back from the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. In that museum they talk about the atomic bomb that exploded there in 1945. That was the first atomic bomb to be used in history. A few days later another bomb exploded in Nagasaki and ended the war. Here are my reactions after visiting the museum.

I’ve met an American guy who once told me that the Hiroshima bomb was a good thing because it saves a lot of life and ended the war. That guy obviously didn’t saw what happends here! The most touching piece was the drawing made by the people who survied the blast. They show what they saw and what happend. When you read the stories that goes with them it very emotive. For example there’s this kid who saw his brother burning because they couldn’t take him out of under a destructed house in time. There’s also pieces of clothing that people were wearing at the moment of the explosion.
I can’t really understand why there’s still so many nuclear weapons in the world. What they do to us is just unbeleivable! Why are we still fearing and fighting other human being in 2007? It brings also all sort of reflections about current wars around the globe. Why oh why is there a genocide in Darfur without any real international opposition? Why do we let Israel and Palestine fight unpunished? Why don’t we stop all kind of commerce with countries that are at war? If I have one wish for this century it would be to abolish all wars and conflict. Why are we still so stupid to think that a religion, a flag or the color of a skin is worth killing for?
The museum really make me feel sad, a think I tought I couldn’t be anymore. But I guess I’m still sensible and human after all.
If you ever come to Hiroshima don’t miss that exposition and make sure you go in the basement to see the drawing.

I would appreciate any comments or toughts on that!
Thank you.

Here’s the link for the pictures I took there : http://www.flickr.com/photos/scoubi/sets/72157594430672125/detail/?page=6