his article countains more info about Mozambique.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Description :
I haven’t been to the south, only the center and north of the country. I liked traveling there and I regret that I didn’t spent more time in the north, I was trying to get to Zanzibar for New Year. Try to avoid Tofo Beach around Christmas as all the South Africans kids go there to make party and get pissed out drunk. When I was traveling in the north locals gave me beer, cashew nuts and fruits for free without asking anything in return. It was the first time for me in Africa.

Highlights :

  • Very friendly and generous locals in the north

  • Tofo Beach (before X-Mas time)

  • Northern Mozambique in general

  • Ilha de Mozambique

Down Sides :

  • Unsafe feeling in Vilankulos (2 ppl I know got mugged in a few days)

  • Food always the same : Fried fish or Fried chicken

  • Expensive even if it’s one of the poorer country in the region

  • The only place, yet, where I got rob

  • Very bad road’s conditions in the north