This article countains more info about Zambia.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Description :
As soon as I cross the border I started smilling! Kids and adults were smilling and waving at us. When I got to Livingstone my cheeks were hurting from all that smilling. There’s nice wildlife and rafting in this country but the capital, Lusaka, is quite boring and unappealing.

Highlights :

  • Rafting the Zambezi (one of the best day so far)

  • Chimfunshi Chimp’s orphinage in the north of the country

  • Jollyboys Backpacker (Livingstine) and the people I met there

  • Locals talk to you a lot

  • South Luwanga National Parc (2003)

Down sides :

  • Chachacha Backpacker in Lusaka, one of the worst Backpacker place in Africa