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February 28th, 2005

This article countains more info about Rwanda.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Beautifull landscapes and very friendly locals, at least outside of Kigali! I just loved Rwanda even if there is little to do or see as it’s a very small country. Of course there was a genocide 10 years ago, but people are getting over it and live in peace now. Definitly one of my favorite country so far.


– Kibuye – Betanie Center

– Landscapes

– Friendly and very helpfull locals

– Partying with Aussies Docs in Gahini

Down Sides:

– Bus breakdown between Kibuye and Cyangugu – Worst road in Africa so far!!

– Butare, too big to be nice, too small to be interesting

– The price rise for Gorilla’s trekking

– They drive on the right side of the road and the wheel is also on the right so it’s very scary!

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