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We Must Fight, We Are Dead Men Already!

June 4th, 2007 Comments off

I’m currently in Burma (Myanmar) and I went to see a show in Mandalay that I want to tell you about. The show was performed by The Moustache Brothers, a group of three comedians. Two of them where sent in prison for 5 years for making jokes against the repressive government. (for an history of Burma please read : The show is now held only in English and only one, Lu Maw, speaks English. Many travellers told me the show was disappointing because it was not the strong critic of the political situation they were expected. The thing is, the show is mainly about traditional dancing and music, if you want to talk politics, you have to talk with them after or before the show. Before going I prepared a few questions that I wanted to ask them and Lu Maw answered them all. Here is a resume of what he told me.

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