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Rafting: Zambezi vs Nile?

March 28th, 2005 Comments off

The Zambezi River is in Livingstone Zambia or Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. The White Nile is in Jinja Uganda. I did the Zambezi first in the low water season, it was my first real rafting experience. I asked other persons witch one they prefer and they all agree with me.

In short, if you have to choose go for the Zambezi. Both of the rivers have class 5 rapids and I think the Nile have even more of them. In the Nike the rapids are far from each other so you paddle a lot in calm water. In the Zambezi the rapids are closer to each other so it’s provides fast action and low recovering time. The sceneries are also a lot more interesting in the Zambezi, you’re in a gorge between Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the low water season you are very deep inside the gorge and it’s quite impressive. On the other hand, the food after the long day and the quantity of beers available was a lot more interesting in the Nile!

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Rafting / Maasai Mara

March 27th, 2005 Comments off

Salut tout le monde.

Premierement parlons RAFTING, grosses vague, bouillons et gros fun!

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March 21st, 2005 Comments off

This article countains more info about Uganda.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

I had to hurry a bit because I had to be in Kenya 3 weeks after I got in Uganda. Due to the high price of Gorilla’s trekking (365 USD) I had to skip that. I mainly stayed around lake Victoria to get to Kenya faster. Beside the fact that public transport drivers always tries to rip you off people are friendly and you feel very safe to walk at night (not alone and not in Kampala).


– Rafting in Jinja

– Kalangaga – Hornbill Camp Site (Ssesse Island)

– Free internet access in Kampala Backpacker

Down Sides:

– Matatu (taxi) drivers

– Crater Lake near Fort Portal

– Unfriendly owner of Kampala Backparcker

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Uganda, mes impressions

March 17th, 2005 Comments off

Salut tout le monde.

Je suis revenu des iles il y a quelque jours. C’etait pas mal cool, vraiment relaxe, super plages, eau chaude. Vous vous souvenez l’an dernier (Malawi 2003) je vous avais parler d’un ver, bilharzia, et bien il est aussi present la bas!

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Nouvelles photos!

March 6th, 2005 Comments off

Bonjour a tous.

Il y a des nouvelles photos online! Je sais que certain d’entre vous en on deja vu quelques unes mais j’ai aussi ajouter 2 repertoires dernierement.

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