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Instant Justice

May 29th, 2005 Comments off

In Nairbi I seen for the first time “Instant Justice”. I’ve heard of it a lot but seeing it live is quite a shock! For those who don’t know it’s when someone steal another person and get caught by the crowd before the police get there. The croud beat the hell out of the thief. Here is a extrait of the e-mail I sent to some firends about that (full mail here :

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Mada c’est fini!

May 28th, 2005 Comments off

Bonjour a tous,

Je croyais vraiment etre triste de quitter un de mes pays prefere au monde, mais finalement ca fait du bien de revenir en terrain connu. En arrivant a Nairobi tout c’est bien passe. Le douanier a accepter mon visa “double entry” qui avait l’air fait a la main sans probleme et ils ont meme pas fouiller mes baggages quand j’ai dis au gars : I’m comming back to Kenya. Comme si je vivais ici depuis toujours.

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May 25th, 2005 Comments off

It sad to admit it but even after 9 months in after Africa I’m still a materialist bastard! It’s hard to change 27 years of conditioning.

I realized it when I was sailing for 17 hours in a boat with no food and no place to go or even walk. We were 4 on a 10 meters by 40 cm wooden pirogue, I was laying on my back and let my mind go free. After a few hours of day dreaming I start thinking about a game I used the play at home: Magic. I was thinking of buying some cards I need for the game!! Few hours later I was thinking that I should/might buy a new 64 bits computer when I’ll be back home. I was quite disappointed of myself and I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t really need those things.

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May 14th, 2005 Comments off

This article countains more info about Madagascar.
A description of what I did, what I like the most and dislike the most.

Most probably my favorite country in the world so far! The only down side is that it’s so big and slow to get around that even 6 weeks is far from enough to see it all. I’ll definitly come back here! The scenaries are amazing, the people are beautifull and very interesting with a lot of culture and traditional beliefs.


– Lemur watching in Ranomafana National Park

– Trekking in Isalo National Park and see the Makis lemur

– Lazying around on Island Ste-Marie

– Petting one of the domesticated lemur and hear it purr

Down Sides:

– Slow plublic transport (about 50km/h average)

– Lot’s of beggar

– Villages spoiled by tourism (Anakao is a good example)

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De la culture avec un grand Q!

May 9th, 2005 Comments off

Bonjour a tous.

On m’a laisse entendre que mes mails manquaient un peu de details sur la vie des gens ou sur ce que j’observe dans les pays que je visite. J’ai donc decide que ce message serait remplis de culture avec un grand Q! Des histoires interessantes ici il y en a pleins!

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